Limited Edition Ripped Tapered Fit Denim Jeans

Tapered fit 5-pocket jeans with a very used worn and look with button fly. With belt loops at the waist to add a belt. As identifying details of the Skull Rider Limited Edition jeans, an engraved white logo integrated into a ripped hole on the front ashtray pocket and another integrated into the back pocket, along with a subtle red embroidery on its edge. We also integrated the brand's logo engraved in a ripped hole on the back of the waist. Stonewashed stretch denim with a smooth finish for a comfortable, relaxed fit. Produced and made with abrasions and rips by hand to give the garment the desired worn and used finish

A basic icon for the free-spirited risk takers

Ever since their invention in the 1800s, denim jeans have marked the culture of the last centuries. They were first working clothes, then symbols of disobedience, and ended up becoming fashion items.

In Skull Rider, we want to keep that legacy intact with our denim collection in the most challenging and inspiring way.

Artisanal process

With the alliance of the half Italian half Greek denim manufacturers Bluecompany and under Oscar Bel’s direction, former Diesel responsible of Spain, Portugal and Greece and vastly experienced in the industry with brands such as Nike and The North Face, the Skull Rider denim collection has been possible.

A collection carried out with Italian techniques and artisanal processes to a great extent allowed it to be one of the denim collections with the highest quality in the premium denim market. Excellent quality denim fabric, stonewashed and made with abrasions and rips by hand, in some of our models, give our garments the authentic and raw Skull Rider look we were looking for.

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