Stephen James Gold

After the resounding success of the release of his first pair of sunglasses, Stephen James returns to Skull Rider to present a new collaboration and another creation: the Stephen James Gold sunglasses.

Look for new horizons through squared aviator sunglasses with dark grey lenses. The tortoise shell-look gives the design a touch of vintage, perfect to round off any type of outfit. The frame, made from lightweight acetate, ensures the highest wearing comfort, all day long.




Fearless, unconventional, bold

Stephen James is back for another collaboration with Skull Rider. The result is a perfect, even more alluring premium-made pair of sunglasses. Just imagine the end of a perfect day. You pull up to the coast in an oldtimer, or on the bike that was passed down to you by your close family member. The sun is about to set on the horizon. As you step out, a breeze of fresh wind strokes past your face. You remember what it is like to be fully present within the current moment.


Skull Rider is still committed to fashion in its riskier, more aggressive version, and further away from the rules.