Stephen James

These Special Edition sunglasses are a first-class representation of Stephen James’ character and creative soul. Being fully covered with amazingly detailed, original tattoos, his body is an artwork on its own. His right arm has a British theme, referring to his roots. A glance at his left arm reveals a deep passion for fine arts, with surrealist artist Salvador Dali extensively featured.

Stephen James selected some of his favorite body-artworks. His selection is seamlessly integrated into the design of these sunglasses, and each tattoo represents part of his life story.

Carry part of his life story with you, while you continue crafting your own.



Behind the tattoos

This special edition is brought to life thanks to the young modeling sensation's creative spirit. Discover which artists he admires. You and Stephen James might have more in common than you originally thought.


Receive your sunglasses in a custom-designed box, decorated with designs pointing to his roots, and famous personas which are eternalized on his body, all handpicked by Stephen James himself. Which icons do you recognize?